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Kiss and Swallow part 10

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Bill swallowed the air and sharp pain pierce his chest. It was completely irrational, it made no sense at all. Bill hated everything about this jealousy but he couldn’t stop it anyway.
Zoe had a life. She had her past and he wasn’t any part of it. He was just a stranger who had found her on his balcony one morning. That was it. Nothing more. So why it was so terrible to realize?
He didn’t know so he kept on reading the report on and on again but it never changed. Nothing about it. Illness, husband, escape, child. In one second Bill began to hate every of those words. And within the same second he realized there was no way to ignore this new information. It changed everything whether he wanted it or not.
“Bill?” suddenly he heard silent voice coming from the other side of the room.
“I’m here” he closed his laptop immediately and walked to the bed wasting no time.
“I thought you left” she whispered and there was something Bill hated in it. She seemed to be so helpless and small but at the same time something angry woke up in Bill. Little but strong monster that was suddenly ready to set his own rules. Nervously he peeked at the clock standing in the night table. Night wasn’t that far to come. It was actually very close.
“No no don’t worry” he petted her hair gently “And I’m not going anywhere.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“Doing what?” looking in her eyes made him not think straight.
“Why are you letting me stay and why are you taking care of me?”
“I don’t know” he took strand of her hair in between his finger and played with it for a moment “I just like you.”
“Even though you know nothing about me? And even though I know nothing about myself?”
“I don’t care” he looked her in the eyes “I really don’t care. Maybe your past wasn’t interesting or important? Maybe it’s better to cut yourself from it?”
“Would you tell me if you knew anything?”
Her sudden question made Bill shiver and cold sweat came on his neck but she didn’t noticed it.
“If I’d find anything about your past?”
“Yes” he lied still looking in her eyes but it was harder than he had ever thought “I’d tell you everything. But I know nothing.”
“I believe you” she smiled to him and stole quick kiss from his lips “You make me feel safe. But I’d like to know…” she paused and looked away “One day I’d like to find out who I really am. Maybe someone is missing me? Maybe I had my place? I have to know it and you are the only one who can help me. You have to Bill” she suddenly grabbed him by his both hands “Just promise me.”
It felt like her eyes could pierce his soul, like she could see everything. Like she could read his lies.
“I promise” he whispered but it was all for the moment. It was enough even for him and the pressure got too high. Bill couldn’t carry on. “I’m gonna go and get a shower okay?”
“Sure” she immediately let go of his hands “Take your time.”
“It’s gonna be quick” he kissed her cheek, jumped off the bed and almost ran to the bathroom. Blood was rushing through his veins and his heart was beating way too fast. Was it all just because of a lie and too many emotions? Bill was getting lost in this whole madness.
He got rid of his clothes so fast as if they’d be burning on him. His skin felt to hot and to small and his whole body got covered in cold sweat.
Bill just felt sick, confused and tired. He wanted to turn off everything.
As soon as he got on the shower he turned on the water not even paying attention if it was hot or cold. He didn’t care. All he needed was to wash away everything.
With his shaking hands he started to clean his naked body but it was just more like hopeless try. His head was dizzy and his mouth dry but at the same time, somewhere deep underneath it all Bill felt kind of strange and awful excitement. It was sick.
“Something is bothering you?” suddenly he felt as two soft hands got wrapped around his body from behind. His heart almost jumped off his chest. It was so unexpected.
He tried to turn away and face her but she didn’t let him.
“You are so nervous Bill. Why? Something happened? Tell Polly. Tell Polly everything. We can make this wrong feelings go away.”
“I…” Bill didn’t know what he was about to say. Polly was with him again. He had to lose the meaning of time. Or everything was getting crazy.
“Hush…don’t say anything” her voice was soft but also so dominant Bill shivered in strange pleasure.
Slowly she let him turn around in her embrace. Bill realized she was also naked and her body was sexy wet. It was already turning him on too much.
She felt it too but she only smiled playfully before she moved on her knees kneeling straight in front of his cock. Words weren’t needed anymore. Polly licked her lips before she almost pressed them to Bill’s tip. Then she pushed him against the wall in the shower and simply took his cock in her mouth. Bill hissed in sudden pleasure but he didn’t protest. He just put hi hands on her head but didn’t even think about controlling her. He knew there was no use and he didn’t want to be in charge.
Polly wasted no time. She was very skilled and soon her work turned Bill into moaning mess. She was sucking and blowing him so good he didn’t remember his own name and with every moment his knees felt like bending more and more. At that point he didn’t care about anything else. There was no place for doubts or for thoughts about the real girl in front of him. He was too powerless so he just let himself drown in what was going on.
Few moments later he knew he was almost there and frankly he was ready to explode anytime. Polly’s moves were still becoming sexier and more pervert. She was moaning to the rhythm of his sounds just to turn him on even more. Few more sucks and Bill was going to come in her mouth filling it with everything he had.
Suddenly Polly let go of his cock. When Bill was too desperate to even breathe properly she simply stopped working on him. He wanted and had to protest but it wasn’t so obvious with Polly. She smiled in a devilish way before she took his throbbing cock in her hand and whispered in a very seductive way.
“Cum on my face. I want to feel your load running down my skin.”
That was it for Bill. He couldn’t hold anything any longer.
With few more desperate strokes he started coming all over her face and smearing his load all over her cheeks. It was like the best thing he had ever done and he didn’t want to ever stop.
Polly clearly enjoyed it too. She let him finish and seductive smile never left her face.
But as soon as he was done she got up and they were standing face to face.
“Now lick my face. Lick your mess clean.”
“Wwwhat?” Bill was truly surprised.
“Just lick it” she grabbed him by the back of his neck “Now”
Not knowing what else he could do Bill pressed his lips to her cheek and kissed it but gentle touch quickly turned into what she had wanted. Still with her hand on the back of his neck he started licking and kicking his own load off her face. She was making sexy sound and surprisingly whole act was very hot for Bill.
As he wanted to give her everything she whished for he really tried to do amazing job and he licked her face clean to the last drop.
“Good boy” she smiled and pressed him  harder against the wall. Their bodies were touching and Polly started swinging slowly so the friction between them was making Bill getting hard again. And it was clearly her goal.
Soon their moves became faster. All according to Polly’s will. Meanwhile they also started kissing and their hands kept on roaming all over each other’s body.
“Fuck me” her whisper was like another moan “Fuck me hard and senseless Bill”
She didn’t need to repeat it twice. Bill was going to fuck her just right and then. For the first time while being with her he felt like being in charge and for the first time she let him.
Not wasting any time he turned them away, pressed her back hard against the wall, lifted her up and pushed himself inside her at once. They both screamed in pleasure.
She dag her teeth in his arm but he didn’t care. He started moving inside her hard, deep and fast. Faster with every thrust. Her head was hitting the wall but she didn’t pay attention at all. Nothing was important. Only their sex.
They both got lost in it. It was brutal but the more brutal it was getting the louder they were screaming.
Polly came first. Her orgasm was so intense Bill could hardly hold her together. Especially that he was on the edge himself. She bit him so hard that the blood ran down his arm but her pleasure was so beautiful for him. He wanted to keep the view forever.
She wasn’t done when Bill cummed for the second time. It was even more intense and he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he screamed and howled.
They needed long moments to ride it all out and another few to breathe. He kissed her hard after everything and was ready to drag her out of the shower for another round. She was up to it too but then something unexpected happened. Polly slipped on the water, stumbled and fell down out of the shower. It all happened in less than a second. Bill had no chance to catch her before she fell on the floor hitting her head hard.
“Zoe!” he called the name he liked more but there was no response.
“Polly!” he tried again!
Still there was nothing when he left the shower and got to her. She was laying down with her face pressed to the floor but Bill had enough time to notice little stream of blood on her temple.
To be continued…

if I’ll have enough time and energy I’ll finish Kiss and Swallow this week and you will get brand new story called Remain Nameless :)

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last night i had a dream that new tokio hotel single was in spanish and i was crying coz i couldnt understand a word. lol

can Bill “i know you want me and you die everytime you see me because i’m too fabulous for this world” Kaulitz post more pictures of himself? Like idk maybe pictures with bare chest for example.

Anonymous asked: wow i wasnt expecting that last part of ''kiss and swallow'' but i really like the story! :D

Thank you <3 I’m trying my best to always surprise you :D

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Kiss and Swallow part 9

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Bill wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing so he let his feet lead him. Everything just to run away, to find a place where Polly couldn’t reach and find him. Not after everything that happened with Zoe. Bill wasn’t ready. Whole adventure was still beyond him. It wasn’t fun anymore. It was scary and as much as Bill could enjoy mindblowing sex, it wasn’t all for him.
So he kept on running and before he was able to realize it he was already stepping on the concrete ground. He just left the beach with no turning back. His head was full of thoughts but he ignored everything. Especially that part of his mind that was telling him to turn away, find Polly and kiss her so hard like there was no tomorrow. Then to let her to all those crazy things.
But Bill didn’t want to lose with his weak nature. Still Polly and Zoe were the same person and lying to Zoe wasn’t right. Or maybe he was just too sensitive. There was no answer for that moment. Bill had to hide somewhere where no one could find him. At least for the night.
Still not letting himself to slow down he ran to the main street and quickly caught the first cab. When the driver asked for the direction Bill just howled to take him to the hotel somewhere on the other side of the city and this way after less than 40 minutes he was safe.
Safe and so tired he could barely stay on his feet. He checked in the hotel, got to his room, wrote a message to Tom, lied down on the bed and fell asleep within a second.

When few hours later Bill opened his eyes again he didn’t know what was going on at first so He jumper off The bed so rapidly that he fell on the floor.
The room he was in was so unfamiliar and empty and it took him good 3 minutes to realize he was in the unfamiliar hotel room. Quickly everything that happened the previous day and last night came to Bill and strange feeling tightened his stomach. He had no idea what to do so to kill some time he grabbed his phone. There was one new message from Tom.
“Why you never told me how amazing our guest Zoe is? Man what a night. See you later”
Bill had to read the message again and again and again before its sense came to him. Tom spent the night with Polly.
With Zoe.
Something around Bill’s stomach tightened more. Was it jealousy? Or was it something else?
Bill didn’t know but immediately he was sure he had to come back home. Zoe was waiting for him there.
In a rush he left the hotel and again caught the cab.
Before he could fully realize it he was standing in front of his mansion and his hands were shaking. It wasn’t right. All in all Zoe or Polly was with Tom so she was save. Bill trusted Tom with everything he had but this case was different. It was not normal. Ever since Zoe had stepped in his life everything was strange.
“Tom?!” as soon as Bill opened the door he screamed his twin’s name “Tom where are you?”
Surprisingly his voice was full of anger and unfriendly vibes. Bill didn’t want it to sound it this way but he couldn’t help it.
“What’s the problem? Am here” he heard familiar voice coming from the kitchen so he headed there.
Fortunately Tom was there alone, sitting at the table and drinking beer. He was wearing only his boxers and it seemed he was very relaxed.
“Morning brother” he smiled to Bill but Bill didn’t return it.
“What were you doing last night?” Bill hissed and Tom’s smile froze in surprise.
“Someone is in the bad mood?”
“I asked what the fuck were you doing last night!”
“Easy Bill” Tom put his beer down “I wrote you. I was having fun with our sweet friend Polly. Or Zoe.” He grinned “She said you left her on the beach and she didn’t want to be alone so I took care of her. But no I didn’t force her to anything! She came to me.”
Of course Bill exactly how had been but he was still upset.
“She is not a toy you can play with.”
“She is amazing my brother. I…”
“Shut up!” Bill was getting out of control “You don’t know anything.”
“And you do? All I know is that we have young and crazy girl living with us. She likes fun so what’s your problem?”
“It’s not like this Tom.” Bill inhaled and exhaled “I don’t know what’s going on here but…her personality is split. At nights she is different person than during days. I don’t know why and I know nothing about her past. But when she is Zoe she doesn’t remember anything from being Polly. I keep on lying to her but…”
He wasn’t able to finish his sentence as just in that moment Zoe stepped in the kitchen.
When Bill saw her at first something in his stomach turned upside down but then he almost pass out. There were massive bruises all around her neck as if she had been chocked last night. It looked terrible.
Automatically Bill looked at Tom sending him killing glare and Tom just whispered ‘sorry soundlessly’
“Hey guys” her voice sounded still sleepy and it looked like she hadn’t noticed bruises yet. Bill didn’t know if it was good or bad.
“Hey Zoe” Bill sent her innocent smile. She was making him feel strange, comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time “Want something to eat or drink?”
“Coffee please” she smiled and walked to the table where she sat. Bill noticed that Tom’s muscles tensed and he knew his brother was just confused. In that situation it was it was normal.
“Did you sleep well?” Tom tried to start normal conversation.
“I don’t know. I don’t remember waking up but I had to probably sleepwalk again. Bill said it happened before. Have you seen my neck? Maybe I tried to choke myself?” it was obvious she was nervous and desperate to hide her fear “Or I don’t know.”
“Let me look at it” partly Bill was relieved she knew about bruises already.
Slowly he came to her and gently touched bruises on her neck with his fingertips. He examined every single one of them. “Are you feeling okay?”
“Yeah. Maybe just a bit dizzy.”
“You should rest today” whether he wanted it or no his voice was shaking “We can chill out together.”
“I don’t want to destroy your plans.”
“Shh.” He petted her hair “It’s okay.”
“I’m gonna leave you. I have few things to do downtown so” Tom did his best to disappear as soon as possible “Have a nice day.”
“Bye Tom” Zoe smiled to him and Bill wanted to protest. He wanted to keep her every smile for himself. He just wanted to keep her for himself.
After drinking coffee and eating breakfast they went to Bill’s bedroom. The atmosphere was none and none of them got back to the topic of bruises on her neck.
But they made love again and again it was very personal, very sensitive, very beautiful.
Bill felt like a newborn and he didn’t want to let her out of his arms. But at the same time he felt more and more guilty. What if he was falling in love with the girl with unknown past? It was too dangerous.
When Zoe fell asleep he carefully left the bed and went to his laptop. Then he started to look for missing people in the internet.
At first no results came up. There were various girls reported but none of them was his Zoe. It was both relief and heavy feeling. Bill felt worse and worse with every moment.
But it was nothing comparing to the feeling that haunted Bill when suddenly picture of her face appeared on his screen.
He found what he was looking for and he wasn’t ready to look at it but his eyes were reading already.
Her name was Emma. Emma Wilson and according to the information given she had mental illness so she could be dangerous for herself and for other people.
It wasn’t all. The worst part came at the end of the report. It made Bill want to turn back time and never let himself start looking for anything.
If you know or have any information where our beloved wife and mother is please let us know. We miss her.
To be continued…

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it all started with #onebottleofwine