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August 2014
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August 2014
favourite instagram pictures

favourite instagram pictures

#Bill Kaulitz   #tokio hotel   #bill   #e   
August 2014

Remain Nameless will come tomorrow instead of today but it will be really long :)

August 2014
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August 2014

Kaulitz <3

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August 2014

Anonymous asked

Please update Kiss and Swallow

This week. Be sure :)

August 2014
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Reason why we love Pumba &lt;3


Reason why we love Pumba <3

August 2014

Anonymous asked

I loved remain nameless and i need the next part!! XO

This makes me happy *hearts* and actually there’s a chance new part can come tomorrow :D

August 2014
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Tokio Hotel Tv - 2014 } Episode 3 (teaser) - Tom, do your fucking job - You’re my assistant

August 2014
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my little nephew

August 2014

Remain Nameless part 24

Previous parts 

Mickaela opened her mouth trying to scream from the top of her lungs but instead she barely let out pathetic roar. The grip around her body was becoming only tighter.
“Shhh” someone put his hand on her mouth just to literally shove half of his fist inside. She started gagging immediately.
“Nooo!!!” Mickaela tried to fight back but the man behind her was so much stronger. Fighting with him was senseless but she refused to stop.
“Baby” Tom looked at her carefully “Please don’t fight. You have to understand it’s only for your own good and safety. Bill is on his way to kill you and I can’t let him. He hurt you enough with his games. It has to be over now.”
Better. Safe. On the way. Bill. Hurt.
Those words were echoing inside her head. Tom kept on talking but she lost the ability to hear him or to understand him. She could only focus on those single words.
Mickaela needed few moments to realize what it was all supposed to mean.
To make herself sure she was right she tried to turn her face around and did it enough to see part of the face of the man behind her. To see a part of Ian’s face. He was the one who was keeping her in the tightest grip.
“No!!!” she screamed again. They were about to kidnap her, take her far away and hide somewhere. She couldn’t let that happen. “No, no and no!!! Leave me alone”
“Ian shut her up” Tom commanded with a cold voice as he took his eyes off Mickaela’s face for the first time “Now.”
Ian didn’t say anything in response but suddenly he loosened the grip around her body and with one hand he reached to his pocket. It was probably her only chance.
Not thinking twice she used her whole power to move a bit. There was still a knife in her bag. She had to use it and run away.
“Now or never” Mickaela whispered to herself and using Ian’s little distraction she managed to open her little bag.
“Ian watch out!” Tom screamed and rushed towards them. It made Ian slightly confused.
“Don’t let her go!” Tom was getting mad but Mickaela didn’t care. Her fingers tightened around the knife and she took it out.
“Don’t touch me!” with a knife lifted up a bit she jumped away from surprised Ian “Don’t touch me or I’ll kill you!” she did her best to sound serious.
“Don’t be ridiculous honey.” Tom smiled to her again “We don’t want to hurt you. We can talk about it all again if you need more time to think about everything. We are your friends. We care about you.”
She shook her head.
“Mickaela” this time Ian tried to sound friendly “I’m your brother. We are family and please listen to us. Put that knife down. No one will get hurt today.”
“Then let me go!” she was close to hysteria “I’m old enough to decide what I want and can do! You can’t force me to go with you. I don’t want to! I don’t believe in your story. I don’t trust you and God just let me go!” she was screaming faster and louder that she almost lost her breath.
For a moment everything seemed to be frozen. Ian didn’t say anything and Tom was only looking at Mickaela. All emotions went away from his face and it felt like he became empty.
But then his eyes got smaller and he just hissed through his clenched teeth.
“Enough.” He made one more step towards her “Get her Ian.”
“Never” not even wondering what she was doing she raised the hand with a knife and threw it in their direction. It was her only chance. Those few seconds. Her whole future life depended on that. Everything depended on that.
“Now” Mickaela whispered to herself and as fast as she was able to she moved towards door but just in next second she stopped again because of the terrible scream that filled the room.
“No!!!” it was Tom’s voice “No! Ian!” there was so much pain in that voice. Mickaela even wanted to turn away to see why he was screaming but she didn’t do it. Somehow she knew what had happened. Her knife reached Ian. It caused Tom’s pain but it gave her the best opportunity to escape.
Not looking back she rushed to the front door and when her hand was already at the door handle Tom screamed again.
“Call the ambulance! Mickaela! He is bleeding! The knife…it’s in his chest. Please! Mickaela!” he was completely panicked but she only ignored his words.
It lasted maybe 4 or 5 seconds until she left but Tom had enough time to say one more thing to her. Or rather to whisper.
“I’m sorry I can’t make you believe me. I tried to protect you but you love him and I can’t help it. I’m sorry for…everything.”
Mickaela couldn’t stand it anymore. She started running just to be away from that place. Tom’s last words seemed to be too meaningful and too emotional. If Mickaela would accept it she’d have to believe in Tom’s truth. But it would destroy her whole world. She had to choose between two versions of one story, two sides of one truth. Or she had chosen already.
She believed Bill. But where he was when she needed him so much?
After few moments of running she slowed down. Her steps turned into walking. All remaining power left her body and suddenly she simply fell down in the middle of the street. Tears attacked her eyes again. She was simply falling apart with no more will to carry on.
The only thing she could do at that moment was to press her face to the ground. There was the sound of ambulance coming closer. She heard people coming maybe to look at her or maybe to check what was going on. Not that she cared. She had already turned into indifferent doll. She lost the meaning of time and of everything so she was barely aware when someone came to her. There were voices around. People were whispering or screaming but Mickaela only wanted it shut it all down. She closed her eyes tightening eyelids so hard it hurt.
Then she lost the connection whit everything.

“Mickaela” someone whispered her name but she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if she was just waking up already. Her body felt so heavy and cold. She refused to open her eyes.
“Mickaela wake up.” This time someone put his hand on her arm trying to shake her gently “Kela do you hear me?”
Kela. Kela. Kela.
There was only one person who was calling her this way.
At the thought of it Mickaela woke up as fast as never before. Her eyes got wide open and she saw the face she wanted to see so much.
“Bill” she made almost no sound “Is that really you?”
“Yes I’m here” he was sitting on the edge of her bed and holding her hand in his. His skin was very cold.
“What’s going on?” she felt so confused “Where I am? Why are you here? What happened?”
“Shhh. Why do you need to know so much darling? I’m here. I missed you. Isn’t it enough?”
His voice was so calm and he was talking almost as if he would be singing.
“Kiss me. I want to taste your lips”
Not waiting for her reaction he bended down slightly almost touching her lips with his but he stopped in the very last moment so that Mickaela only felt his breath.
“Hey baby. I really missed you.”
“I missed you too.” She gave up with asking questions, closed her eyes and let him kiss her.
Their kiss wasn’t long. It was slow and gentle but Mickaela’s whole world started spinning faster. Again everything was the right way because he was with her.
When their lips got apart Bill moved away but not to much. He was looking straight in her eyes.
“I’m proud of you Kela. You are very good girl. My good girl.”
“I tried Bill. I wanted to do what you asked me to. But…”
“Shhh I know. I know everything. Don’t worry.” He petted her cheek “Such a good girl.”
“Where were you when you left me?”
“Nowhere and everywhere. But now I’m here.”
“Here means? Please Bill I need to know.”
He didn’t say anything. Instead he got up to let her look around.
It didn’t take her too much time before she knew the answer.
“Hospital? I’m in the hospital?”
“Correct” he looked in space “You fainted on the street after attacking Ian so the ambulance brought you here. It was yesterday. Do you remember it?”
“Yes” Mickaela blinked few times “What happened to him? Did I kill him? Who knows you are here? Where is Tom?”
“Slow down” he chuckled in a not funny way “You stabbed him straight in his heart. Good girl. He is still fighting. You know what’s funny? He is in the same hospital so Tom is also here. Such a caring father. Sweet sweet image. He sits next to Ian’s bed and prays. I almost feel sorry for him” he paused “But only a bit.”
“They are here?”
“Yah. I said it’s funny.”
“And they know you are here?”
“No. No one knows. You know I’m not the most wanted guest. I’m still seen as that heartless monster so only you know because I trust you” there was something threatening in the tone of his voice “Now it’s close to midnight so no one expects me here. We are safe and alone.”
Bill smiled to Mickaela and wanted to say something more but at the same moment the door to the hospital room opened and someone entered breathing fast and heavy. Bill immediately jumped away from Mickaela’s bed trying to hide himself in the corner of the room.
“If he will die” she recognized Tom’s voice “If my son will die you won’t leave this room alive I promise it to you.” He had a gun pointed straight at Mickaela and his finger was on the trigger. “He is getting weaker and if he won’t see next dawn you can say goodbye to your life bitch.”
Mickaela didn’t say anything as she was too shocked. Tom also didn’t say anything more. He turned away to leave but in that moment he noticed Bill. Gun was pointed at Bill’s heart.
To be continued…

August 2014
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sexuality: in love with the people who finally made THTV episodes HD